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Trade Press News

Weidmüller enables electronic load management for up to 18 amps

Weidmüller developed the maxGUARD ELM-18 electronic load monitoring module (ELM) for particularly demanding loads in industrial 24 V DC power supply applications. Capable of load protection for up to 18 amps, it is one of the most powerful modules on the market.

I/O system for the Great Barrier Reef

Weidmüller's I/O system is being used by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) for their research in the National Sea Simulators’ (SeaSim) aquariums. The results of the research are used to help protect the Great Barrier Reef on Australia's eastern coast. There have been massive coral die-offs there in recent years. Climate change is the primary reason for this.

Trade Press releases for Intersolar 2024

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Intersolar, which will take place from June 19 to June 21, 2024.

Multi-stripax® – the stripping tool for PV conductors

The new multi-stripax® from Weidmüller masters the stripping challenges that arise in the photovoltaic industry. The stripping tool enables the precise and effortless removal of insulation from 4 to 10 mm2 and guarantees zero damage to the conductors and insulation. With these capabilities, multi-stripax® makes all the difference.

About Sacher cake, strudel and software

Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese KG (Coppenrath & Wiese) relies on Weidmüller’s ResMa® software for its energy management needs

Klippon® RailSnapper: Just click fully equipped DIN rails directly on the mounting plate

For production to run smoothly, efficient space utilisation and effortless installation are essential. To ensure the proper fastening of the rail to the mounting plate, efficient space must be provided for fixing the DIN-rail with screws or rivets between the terminal blocks.

The L-BOXX installation terminal block starter set from Weidmüller – an indispensable kit for every electrician

The L-BOXX installation terminal block starter kit from the electrical engineering and connectivity company Weidmüller – a must-have for every electrician. The L-BOXX is an innovative storage system that ensures order and efficiency in a variety of industrial areas, especially in the skilled trades.

Facilitating sustainability reporting with ResMa

Mid-sized and small enterprises are impacted indirectly by the sustainability reporting directive enacted by the EU. As suppliers to large companies, they will be obligated to provide precise information on the CO2 footprints of their products. With ResMa®, Weidmüller GTI Software offers CO2 accounting even for small and mid-sized companies.

Trade Press releases for Light + Building 2024

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Light + Building, which will take place from March 03 to March 08, 2024.

EN 54-4 approval for power supply equipment

Weidmüller’s PROtop and PROmax power supplies and PRO DM diode modules have been approved according to DIN EN 54-4. This means that they may now be used as power supply units for building fire alarm systems – making them a key factor in fire protection.

Industrial routers from Schwabach to the world

The Niehoff Group relies on Weidmüller routers for its wire drawing lines. Routers in control cabinets have become essential in modern automation technology. They allow the networking of machines and production lines as well as the exchange of data between these and the higher-level system.

Field wiring – The industrial network from a single source

Networking automation and control technology is an important aspect of wiring in the field, or field wiring. At the highest technical level, this is a smart system for transmitting controller and sensor data in industrial applications.

I/O system adapts to the conditions of smart systems

The u-remote I/O system is now even more powerful thanks to a system update. Weidmüller is equipping the u-remote remote I/O system with new technology for internal backpanel bus communication.

Offshore wind power installations: save costs with condition monitoring

Reliably monitor the condition of rotor blades, rotor blade bearings and bolted connections with Weidmüller BLADEcontrol® and TwinCap®

Power supply from the machine room to the bridge

In shipbuilding, as in industrial applications, 24 V networks are the standard for supplying controllers. However, even high-quality industrial components do not automatically fulfil the high requirements that apply at sea.

Weidmüller: Switches for the new series

Weidmüller is launching new unmanaged switches on the market. EcoLine Series B products stand out for their particularly compact design and high performance capability. New technical highlights include expanded functions like Quality of Service and Broadcast Storm Protection.

New versions for u-OS

Weidmüller launched the u-OS operating system for the SPS exhibition last year. When it was launched, it already enabled efficient data pre-processing and precise control directly at the machine. A year later, the company is expanding the functions of the operating system.

SPS 2023: Trade Press Releases

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for SPS, which will take place from November 14 to November 16, 2023.

A future-proof way of connecting IT and OT systems

An increasing number of physical devices are being integrated into networks in the context of automation. This requires a convergence of IT and OT systems. The new modular control systems u-control M3000 and M4000 are leading the way to the future, as they enable automation solutions to be seamlessly integrated into the IoT.

Trade press releases for Husum Wind 2023

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Husum Wind, which will take place from September 12 to September 15, 2023.

The perfect time to switch to Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet has reached market maturity, of that the experts at Weidmüller are certain. This has been made clear by the strong demand at trade fairs over the past year.

Crimping the right way – made easy

Tips for optimal preparation and execution of crimping with wire-end ferrules

Trade Press releases for Intersolar 2023

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Intersolar, which will take place from June 14 to June 16, 2023.

u-sense vibration for condition monitoring of machines

Based on smart sensors ready for retrofitting, like the u-sense vibration, Weidmüller offers the perfect solutions for automating and digitising existing systems. Industrial service provider Yncoris uses them to detect wear on pumps early on, and make data usable in a variety of ways.

AIDA Push Pull Power plug-in connectors with SNAP IN – a universal concept for power, signals and data

The newly developed AIDA plug-in connector with SNAP IN connection from Weidmüller features a wide range of advantages. Thanks to SNAP IN – the fastest and safest connection technology on the market – the plug-in connector is ready for roboticinstallation quickly, easily and safely. No tools are required for assembly. This saves time and significantly reduces the risk of errors during assembly.

The new Klippon® Connect terminal block with the lateral PUSH IN wire connection technology

The new Klippon® Connect terminal block with the lateral PUSH IN conductor connection combines the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology.

TERMSERIES-compact – vibration-proof universal relay with ultra-compact design

Universal relays are needed in numerous general applications in automation – and are therefore used in more and more industrial fields. To guarantee maximum plant availability, they also need to work reliably in environments subject to frequent vibration. At the same time, more compact modules that fit into flat switchgear cabinets are also needed. With TERMSERIES-compact, Weidmüller now presents literally a small revolution that meets both these requirements in impressive form – and can do much more besides.

Intralogistics: Automation on a running conveyor

Decentralisation, intelligent industrial IoT solutions and visualisation are key technologies for the success of intralogistics systems. Weidmüller offers products and solutions for automation and data analysis that help users get ready for the industrial IoT.

Condition monitoring for electrolysis stacks

Bipolar plates are the heart of electrolysers, which are used to produce hydrogen. Depending on the manufacturing process, stacks can consist of hundreds of such bipolar plates, whereby a single defective plate can negatively impact the performance of the entire stack. Because of this, it makes sense to monitor the voltage of each plate separately. Weidmüller has developed solutions for this purpose. With these solutions measured values ​​can be recorded and processed reliably, safely and economically, even in potentially explosive areas.

SNAP IN connection technology: ready for the future, ready-to-robot

With SNAP IN, the electronics and connectivity company Weidmüller introduced innovative connection technology in 2021, which is already setting new standards in the field of connectivity – and is also optimised for panel building of the future. SNAP IN enables automated wiring by industrial robots.

easyConnect – easy digital services throughout the entire product life cycle

In the future, the easyConnect industrial service platform will bundle all digital services relating to Weidmüller products. As a companion along all phases of the product life cycle, easyConnect goes beyond the scope of conventional IIoT platforms.

Make more of Raspberry Pi: “u-maker Box” housing – modular and simple, with a great design

Weidmüller is expanding its product line of electronic housings for industrial use with the “u-maker Box” Raspberry Pi housing. Specially developed for private use, the housing can also be used in industrial switch cabinets.

Trade Press releases for Hannover Messe 2023

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Hannover Messe, which will take place from April 17 to April 21, 2023.

Trade Press Releases for embedded world Fair 2023

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for embedded world, which will take place from March 14 to March 16, 2023.

Weidmüller equips DemoSATH floating wind turbine with interior lighting and bolt monitoring

Weidmüller has for the first time equipped a prototype of this floating future technology with two newly developed customer solutions: The integrated LED system illuminates all accessible parts of the wind turbine on the high seas and the TwinCap remote maintenance system detects damage to the screw nuts in the blade bearings at an early stage.

Charging electric vehicles in a smarter way

The new charging boxes of Weidmüller's AC SMART EV charging box family can be used for classic charging at individual charging points but are also suited for charging parks and can be integrated into smart grids.

Compact DC generator combiner boxes PV Next Mini

The combiner box is an important component of every photovoltaic system. Not only does it bring the strings from the different parts of the system together, it also protects the system against surge voltage. With the PV Next Mini, Weidmüller has added a uniquely space-saving variation to its portfolio of DC combiner boxes.

A wide range of universal industrial lighting

Weidmüller industrial lights WIL: LED lights for industrial applications - IP67 protection - 120° beam angle - 60,000 hours of service life - colour temperature 2700K - 6500K - length variants from 145 mm to 860 mm - 8 mm flat lighting for compact installation

Trade press releases for electronica 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for electronica, which will take place from November 15 to November 18, 2022.

Trade press releases for SPS 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for SPS, which will take place from November 08 to November 10, 2022.

ADLS: A tailwind for the energy transition

Lanthan Safe Sky and Weidmüller are sustainably retrofitting wind power installations

Trade press releases for Light + Building 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Light + Building, which will take place from October 02 to October 06, 2022.

Universal customer interface

Weidmüller expands industrial service platform “easyConnect” with a web configurator for PCB plug-in connector OMNIMATE®4.0

Trade press releases for SMM 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for SMM, which will take place from September 06 to September 09, 2022.

Trade press releases for ACHEMA 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for ACHEMA, which will take place from August 22 to August 26, 2022.

Optimal data access to field devices in the process industry

Weidmüller enhances OMNIMATE® Data with new Ethernet-APL technology

Schaltschrankbau Innovation Award 2022 goes to Weidmüller

Independent jury of experts selects VPU AC IoT surge protection device.

Weidmüller receives the German Innovation Award 2022 for its innovative SNAP IN connection technology

SNAP IN connection technology speeds up the wiring process and raises it to an entirely new level.

Trade press releases for Hannover Messe 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Hannover Messe, which will take place from May 30 to June 02, 2022.

Trade press releases for Intersolar Europe 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for Intersolar Europe, which will take place in Munich from May 11 to 13, 2022.

Trade press releases for PCIM Europe 2022

Here you will find the latest trade press releases of the Weidmüller Group for PCIM Europe, which will take place in Nuremberg from May 10 to 12, 2022.

PrintJet CONNECT impresses right down the line

The high-performance PrintJet CONNECT inkjet printer from Weidmüller impresses with fast and flexible solutions and offers its users high-quality results. Focusing on the changing needs of industry and panel building, it combines maximum process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking and complete data consistency.

Successful partnership between Weidmüller and Aventech by Reyes Group

Standardisation, automation and process-wide solutions offer considerable optimisation potential, especially for time-consuming, manual activities. The collaboration between Aventech by Reyes Group and Weidmüller shows what this kind of optimisation could look like in the factory of the future, based on a new generation of automated assembly lines.

Design-IN of electronics made easy: modular electronic housings

Modular electronic housings CH20M45 and CH20M67 from Weidmüller – free choice of connection levels including with asymmetrical configuration – customer-specific versions with own part number – visualization of fully assembled housing as CAD model with 3D data – ATEX/IECEx-compliant wiring by socket connectors with blue release levers.


With the partial automation of work steps, time-intensive work such as the processing of cables can be carried out more efficiently. The new CUTFIX PRO as a purely electrical driven machine is supporting the semi-automatic cable confectioning in terms of cutting various conductors.

u-control web with container technology for more flexibility in industrial applications

With increasing digitalization, automation systems also need to become increasingly powerful and more flexible. Modular control systems such as u-control web can take on both automation tasks and IIOT tasks. Thanks to modularity and the use of newly integrated container technology, u-control web provides the best prerequisites here. The development of new applications is made easier: In-house or 3rd-party software solutions can be easily installed on u-control web, thus enhancing the functionality of the control system in line with the specific application scenario.

Weidmüller u-remote meets the requirements of the largest classification societies for use in maritime and offshore applications

The American Duchess has everything it takes to carry on the great tradition of Mississippi paddle steamers into the 21st century: a melodious name, dignified furnishings and to combat the sultry southern weather, a highly efficient air conditioning system automated with Weidmüller u-remote. Modern automation solutions are urgently needed everywhere in shipping, even in power engineering, for example in offshore wind farms.

Klippon® Connect TTB Range for instrument transformer wiring

In power transmission and distribution, current and voltage transformers are used primarily for protection and measurement functions. Weidmüller has developed the new Klippon® Connect TTB Series instrument transformer terminals for this application, for particularly simple and safe wiring

Weidmüller receives the cabinet building innovation award

A jury of experts awards the Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) and the "Smart Cabinet Building" initiative.

High-current terminal blocks with PUSH IN-Power connection

Extension of the A-Series terminal block portfolio with the new A2C 50/70 and A2C 95/120 high-current terminal blocks for wire cross-sections up to 70 mm², and 120 mm² respectively

Weidmüller IoT Gateway: the all-rounder for all IoT applications

Plant automation has been undergoing rapid transformation for years. Weidmüller has always addressed and driven forward the requirements resulting from such change, with the development of smart components like IoT Gateway 30, for example. It establishes the much-required connection from the sensor to the cloud. By acquiring and pre-processing machine data, it ensures that operating costs are kept low.

Weidmüller Fast Delivery Service

Customised terminal strips pre-assembled ready for installation, as well as assembled or unassembled empty enclosures – flexible order production and binding delivery times for customised assemblies – Weidmüller Configurator WMC – automated project planning, documentation, requests and ordering

The IIoT allows for the efficient and cost-effective status monitoring of local machines and systems

IoT terminal: quick and simple installation of Industrial IoT solutions - configuration and data monitoring via cloud services – makes it easier to retrofit Industrial IoT for existing systems - integration of all system components into the automation system with the Weidmüller IoT terminal.

Machine Learning easy to use without expert knowledge in Data Science

Companies, which would also like to be profitable in the future, must set the course for the future today.

Weidmüller Advanced Line managed switches for network redundancy, control and diagnostics

Support for all common protocols such as STP/RSTP or SNMP - high level of flexibility thanks to SFP ports - extremely fast redundancy mechanisms – "Full Managed" and "Lite Managed" versions available

Weidmüller Klippon® Automated RailAssembler

System for fully-automated terminal block assembly – Simple and reliable assembly – Direct and consistent use of planning data from eCAD systems – Digitalised and automated process chain for panel building