Modular base for decentralised automation

Modern automation solutions are becoming increasingly decentralised. As a result, you need distribution systems that can be easily integrated into the common automation systems and are more efficient to connect than time-consuming individual wiring. Our flexible distribution boxes enable reliable, decentralised signal transmission and power transmission up to protection class IP67 - wherever passive distribution boxes are required.

High-quality materials

High-quality materials

High-quality materials and robust product designs ensure a reliable connection, signal transmission and power transmission.

Certified for worldwide use

Certified for worldwide use

As a premium manufacturer we guarantee the certification of our products according to worldwide standards and norms.

Modular and versatile

Modular and versatile

Modular housing system for individual power distribution solutions and a broad product range for signal distribution.

Product range

Sensor actuator boxes for signal transmission

Available in all forms and configurations, also in special versions like ergonomic sensor actuator M8 distributors, M12 distributors and robust variants for EX zones.

  • Faster and easier passive field wiring compared to single-point wiring
  • Wide range of M12 distributors as well as particularly compact and lightweight M8 variants
  • Special logic modules allow the combination of signals using an AND or OR gate

Distribution boxes FieldPower® for power transmission

Branching, switching and protecting energy - The FieldPower® power bus product family provides you with a unique solution system for your versatile applications.

  • Quick and error-free installation: The cable need only be stripped and not cut through thanks to IDC technology
  • Split seals in IP65 - Enables the use of pre-assembled cables
  • 40 % lower installation costs because cables are routed outside the closed cable conduits

Variable power distribution for quick and safe connection

Variable power distribution for quick and safe connection

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A versatile system requires smart connection technology. The innovative FieldPower® module combines the advantages of busbar trunking systems and standard round cables for flexible and safe distribution of power, signals and data.

The pluggable insulation displacement connection makes installation on the cable particularly simple and secure. Outlet or inlet cables measuring 0.5 to 10 mm² can be connected using “PUSH IN” contacts.


We provide you with information on our distribution boxes for download. Download our product catalogue for sensor-actuator cabling and circular connectors or our portfolio overview for FieldPower® distribution boxes for power transmission to find exactly the distribution box you need.

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