Our Responsibility

A future worth living - for the environment and society alike

Our Responsibility

Sustainability at Weidmüller

We work in a sustainable way, in order to pass on the company and the environment to the next generation, in a successful and healthy condition. Integrated and value-oriented sustainability management is firmly rooted in our company.

We are taking up our responsibility for the future generations. The promotion of learning, conservative use of resources and the strengthening of a culture of innovation are not examples of a corporate reorientation for us. They have been part of our corporate culture for generations. We are taking up our responsibility by caring for our staff and by adhering to behavioural rules dictated by society, even going beyond the requirements laid down by statute and legislation.

Economics at Weidmüller

We exploit earnings potential so as to guarantee the stability and independence of both our company and the brand. To this end, we rely on striking the perfect balance between our corporate values - namely Customers, Innovation, Employees and Product and Process Quality. Indeed, we have done so for decades and will continue to do so in the future.

1,000 active industrial property rights worldwide

1,000 active industrial property rights worldwide

Through our collaboration with national and international standardisation bodies, we are actively involved in new market developments, helping to shape current and future technologies

More than 30,000 customers

More than 30,000 customers

Worldwide we develop and produce with innovation and we provide our customers with individual products and solutions - around the clock and around the world

Ecology at Weidmüller

We put our ecological responsibility into practice by continuously reducing the raw materials we use, our emissions and our energy consumption. We not only place this high demand on ourselves and our employees, but on our partners too - doing so with complete conviction worldwide.

11,000 square metre ultra-modern production hall

11,000 square metre ultra-modern production hall

Our production processes at the plastic production facility in Detmold are designed to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This is aided through the use of innovative technologies that enable minimal energy consumption in production.

Energy scouts to uncover avoidable areas of loss

Energy scouts to uncover avoidable areas of loss

Alongside their apprenticeship, apprentices act as energy scouts within the company and search for potential sources of energy wastage.

We are active in various initiatives - in Germany and around the World

Weidmüller is expressly committed to the rules of the following individual initiatives and supports the goals and projects for sustainable action.

ZVEI Code of Conduct

We take responsibility - also in the context of globalization. We signed the ZVEI Code of Conduct. The ZVEI Code of Conduct takes internationally established benchmarks as its reference, and covers all relevant subjects. Links to the text of the ZVEI Code of Conduct in several languages can be found below. Application of the ZVEI Code of Conduct is voluntary. It is intended as a model for enterprises' own declarations to their customers, or for requests to suppliers for equivalent declarations.

Download the Code of Conduct


As a value-oriented company, Weidmüller is aware of its responsibility to customers, employees, the community and the environment. This is why it is self-evident for Weidmüller to assume responsibility in the context of the ROHS directive 2011/65/EU.

Weidmüller even takes measures which go beyond the requirements of the directive. More than 20 years ago, Weidmüller dropped the use of cadmium in plastics. Irrespective to the indicators of ROHS-Directive 2011/65/EU with regard to classes of equipment and related products, Weidmüller aims to put all materials and products within this directive.

To fulfill the objectives within the company Weidmüller following article 1 of REACH enactment, pioneering measurements have been taken. REACH is a learning system which can only be successful if the response to new insights or new demand response is handled flexibly and dynamically.

Weidmüller as an ecologically-minded company takes on responsibility for the communication within the supply chain and the whole information flow within the REACH enactment 1907/2006. Following REACH article 33, the duty to inform about substances in products is only applicable for so called substances of very high concern (SVHC). The European Chemicals Agency ECHA decides which substances are liable to this regulation (see REACH Art. 59). The current version of the list of candidates can be viewed on the web pages of ECHA.

Based on our supplier statements we currently have SVHC in some of our products above the respective thresholds for declaration obligation resulting from article 33. This situation however could potentially be a different for example after new SVHC are published by the ECHA. As soon as declaration obligations will apply for further Weidmüller Interface products, the effected articles and contained SVHC will be published in the online product catalogue at each product.

Society and Employees

We act socially and ethically when it comes to both our employees and society, fully in line with the Weidmüller basic values. We put our commitment and our responsibility into practice at all Weidmüller locations around the world. Under this umbrella "Weidmüller helps!", Weidmüller is bundling its sustainable and socio-community commitments in Germany and around the world.