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I/O Systems


u-remote fieldbus coupler | CC-Link IE TSN

Establish fieldbus architectures in CC-Link IE TSN networks

With our new u-remote CC-Link IE TSN couplers, decentralized I/O systems can be connected to control systems via powerful CC-Link IE TSN networks.

Industrial Ethernet


Ethernet Switches with IEC 61850-3 conformity

Substation Line

The new Substation Line includes Ethernet switches complying with the IEC 61850-3 standard, making them robust enough for operation in harsh environments.

V14 RJ45 crimp plug connector for four-core AWG22 cables

Cost-effective assembly of PROFINET patch cables

Engineering and visualisation tools 


Docker Technology for u-control

Utilise u-control with individual software solutions

u-control now enables the use of Docker Containers. They facilitate application development and save on additional hardware.

Automated Machine Learning

AutoML ModelRuntime

For flexible use in the cloud or on-premise

Create, configure, and use machine learning models yourself

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