Field wiring

The industrial network from a single source

Field wiring

From the control cabinet to the field - Seamless wiring from the pioneer of electrical engineering

Industrial field wiring is a crucial aspect for the optimal functioning of production and automation systems in industry. ​

With the integration of Industrial IoT and the associated data volumes, the complexity and demands on field wiring are growing. Modern industrial field wiring solutions are characterized by high modularity and plug-and-play capability. This enables fast installation and commissioning while reducing downtime during maintenance.

An end-to-end infrastructure creates significant added value in terms of efficiency, safety and flexibility of production processes. As an expert in industrial applications, Weidmüller offers a wide range of field wiring components. The portfolio is complemented by user-friendly services and individual consulting.

Product range

Use case horizontal conveyor technology

Use Case

The customer needs an efficient and easy-to-install energy supply for electric drives for horizontal conveyor technology.

Conventional methods such as supply from the control cabinet proved to be too complex and required a lot of space as well as material costs. Using a daisy chain between drives led to unwanted problems, including lack of space in the connection compartment and unnecessarily long cable ends. In this challenge, our customer was looking for a solution that was not only simple but also error-free.

Modular power distribution

Thanks to FieldPower® contact modules, decentralized energy distribution can be implemented easily and error-free. With this decentralized solution, individual motors can be disconnected while the system continues to run. This leads to a significant reduction in downtime and maintenance costs.

The empty housings, contact modules and connectors can be ordered separately. Thanks to this modular system, the ordering and assembly of the empty housings can take place during the mechanical process, while the contact modules only have to be clipped in later during the electrical assembly.

The pre-assembled cable sets and pluggable branch lines ensure simple and error-free installation.

Your advantages

  • Significant cost reduction through faster process throughput times and less work
  • Freely selectable extensions
  • Easy installation and simplified function and performance testing (even for non-electricians)
  • Significantly lower risk of incorrect connections

Use case logistics center

Use Case

For the construction of global logistics centers, conveyor lines must be supplied with 400 VAC and 24 VDC main and auxiliary power. The same applies to the control boxes required for each segment for the control and safety technology.

The installation should be carried out via modular systems with power supplies, power distributors and branch lines in IP65. Each individual conveyor segment must be put into operation immediately after the mechanical and electrical installation. Therefore, the necessary resources should be designed decentrally within the segments. Depending on customer requirements, the 24 VDC power supply should be designed redundantly. The voltage drop should be kept as low as possible.

One-stop shopping

As a full-service provider, Weidmüller offers all components for a smooth 400V supply to the motors as well as 24VDC supply in the field. These include pluggable 3-phase power supplies as well as pluggable 400 VAC and 24 VDC distribution boxes. Thanks to IDC technology (insulation terminal), the energy cable can be used uncut - directly from the cable reel.

Weidmüller's pre-assembled cables with plug connectors are used to connect the distribution box and motor - regardless of whether AC/DC and which connector face is required. The use of pre-assembled connectors or folding seals on the distribution boxes completes the overall package. This enables a simple, uncomplicated and error-free connection in the field.

Your advantages

  • Simple planning with standard modules and consistent components
  • Quick installation with plug-in modules
  • Shorter project durations through parallelization of installation and commissioning with decentralized resources as part of the conveyor lines
  • The voltage level at all consumers is guaranteed by short distances between the supply module and the consumers and a large cross section thanks to parallel connection

Use case automated cold stores

Use Case

In addition to simple logistics centers, cold storage facilities are also becoming increasingly important worldwide. The need for a solid infrastructure, short throughput times and high demands on occupational safety make partial or full automation unavoidable.

When building such systems, it is crucial to use solid technology that can withstand the cold temperatures and function flawlessly. The concept should be easy to integrate and scale at any global location.

Scalable plug and play in a global environment

For 400VAC power distribution within a fully automated cold store, FieldPower® was used to create a robust, error-free and easy-to-install concept. Thanks to the insulation displacement terminals of the distribution box (IDC), the taps can be mounted precisely to the motors, and additional work steps such as cutting, stripping and crimping are no longer necessary. With the plug already installed, installation to the motor is simply plug-and-play, which means that individual motors can also be switched off for maintenance purposes if necessary.

The overall solution with manufacturer-independent interfaces enables easy system integration with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C. For the 400VAC power distribution, a simple connection of the power distribution box could be guaranteed. This makes commissioning easier in different markets.

Your advantages

  • International certifications (including UL approval) enable
    the system to be used globally. This standardization increases
    efficiency in planning, procurement, installation and commissioning
  • The reliability and ease of installation of FieldPower® minimizes installation errors and increases system availability
  • Low labor and easy installation even for non-electricians
  • The low and stable line impedance due to fewer contact points ensures protection and low voltage drop


Free sample set (modular connectors)

Would you like to see for yourself how easy it is to use our RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector? That's no problem! Order directly your free sample set consisting of frame, modules and matching screwdriver and get to know our modular system.

Configuration of industrial connectors

Assemble our heavy duty connectors individually according to your requirements using our product configurator and equip your connectors conveniently and easily online with matching inserts, contacts and housings. Create your individual connector and discover the variety of different mating faces.

FrontCom® Vario configurator

To quickly and easily create the front interface requested, we support you with our online wizard. In three steps you select your specific combination from a range of frames, insert plates and interface inserts - as a result you get a parts list of individual components, which you can save, print or submit to us straight away as an order.