Accessories for control cabinets

Cabinet accessories are an indispensable component for the optimal and safe use of electrical cabinets in electrical systems and machines. For the air conditioning of electrical cabinets, Weidmüller offers thermostats and hygrostats, fans and outlet filters and the associated software for calculation. Cable ducts and DIN rails in various designs are available for mounting the components and the wiring.

DIN rail mounting clip Product innovation

The Klippon® RailSnapper: Your key to simple and secure fastening of your DIN rail. The clever click mechanism offers you maximum security for DIN rail mounting.

DIN rail mounting clip
Product features
  • Screw and rivet version
  • For TS 35X7.5/LL 2M/ST/ZN slotted holes (order no. 0514500000)
  • Guided installation thanks to wing screws
  • Haptic feedback in the end position
  • Mounting in 2 directions possible

Cable ducts

Our product range includes cable ducts in metric versions as well as corner and DIN ducts. There are also variants made of halogen-free material. The range is supplemented by protective tubes, holders, separators, and professional marking solutions.

Cable ducts
Product overview
  • Standard cable ducts in versions metric and DIN, with narrow or wide slots
  • Cable ducts for EX areas
  • Halogen-free cable ducts
  • Cable protection conduits
  • Accessories

DIN rails and mounting rails

DIN rails and mounting rails according to DIN EN 60715 are among the few standardized components in control cabinet construction. They are used in almost all industries and serve as a universal carrier for electronic equipment. The Weidmüller portfolio offers a wide range of mounting rail variants with different shapes in various materials.

DIN rails and mounting rails
Product overview
  • TS 15, TS 20 or C20 as C-rail / C-profile, TS 27 as C-rail / C-profile, TS 32 and G 32 as G-rail / G-profile, TS 35 as TS35x7,5 / TS35x15
  • Aluminum (Alu), Galvanized steel and steel passivated , Copper, Plastic (PVC)
  • Punched (hole and slotted versions) and non-perforated versions
  • Terminal rail cutting and punching tool
  • Accessories

Thermal management

The control of modern production processes is inconceivable without high-performance components in the control cabinet. Many of these electronic components must be protected against heat, cold, dust, and dirt to achieve permanent and reliable functionality. A well thought-out thermal management system regulates the temperature inside the control cabinet and protects against further interfering influences. We provide you with a broad portfolio of filter fans, control units and heaters.

Thermal management
Product overview
  • Filter fan and exhaust filter
  • Heating panel fan and radiant heating panel
  • Sizing Software
  • Thermostat / Hygrostat
  • Accessories

Cable ties

Cable ties bring order to many parts of the installation. Cable ties are characterised by maximum tying force and a long life. Steel cable ties also offer permanent fastening under extreme conditions such as high temperatures or extensive chemical effects.
CB cable ties for the fastening of cables and markers. They are particularly suitable for fastening CLI M, SFX, WKM and WKS cable markers. The material consists of fracture-resistant polyamide PA 6.6 with flammability rating V2 to UL-94.

Cable ties
Your advantages
  • Heat stabilised cable ties
  • UV stabilised cable ties Excellent for permanent outdoor use
  • Fire protected cable ties for railway industry In accordance to EN45545
  • Detectable cable ties for food and beverage industry Detectable with metal and X-ray detectors

Electrical busbars

To avoid additional wiring work, busbars are used for potential distribution in industrial plants and especially in the building industry. They are used for potential distribution to other components in the control cabinet such as circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers and other installation devices.

Electrical busbars
Product overview
  • Pin contact or fork contact
  • 10 mm² and 16 mm² versions
  • 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole versions
  • Accessories

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