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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCSs) are essential control systems in industrial production today. They enable the control and automation of machinery and equipment, which increases productivity, reduces errors and improves safety at the workplace. While the PLC system is usually used to control a single machine or a single part of the production process, the distributed control system is used to control and monitor a broader range of machines and processes to ensure that the entire production process runs efficiently and reliably.

Weidmüller solutions for programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems for all common manufacturers such as Siemens, Honeywell, Emerson, ABB and Yokogawa not only ensure a smooth connection, but also reduce the amount of material and labour required for rewiring and retrofitting control systems. Our interfaces, which consist of standard connectors for connection to the system, matching PCB terminals for field connection and additional components, provide as an adapter between the system and field elements for clear structure in the control cabinet and without point-to-point cabling.



The comprehensive system offers connection solutions for all common PLC controls.



The compact PLC and DCS interface modules save valuable space in the control cabinet.



Retrofitting without rewiring of sensors and actuators from the field level saves up to 95 % time

Product range

PLC interfaces and pre-assembled cables

  • Pre-assembled cables and interface modules for all common programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems
  • Interface elements for different functions such as LEDs, fuses, disconnectors, or relays
  • No field level adjustments necessary

Migration solutions MiBridge

  • Manufacturer-specific PLC and DCS migration adapters and interfaces
  • Error-free migration by retaining the existing field wiring
  • Reduced wiring effort due to front adaptors and pre-assembled cable

Product recommendations for your application

Industry-specific selection of PLC and DCS system wiring & migration solutions

How to use

Choose your industry and we will show you a representative selection of products for the use of PLC and DCS interfaces. Move the cursor over the following markings to find information on the electrical connectivity of sub-assemblies and components. And it's just a few more clicks from here to your desired product.


Selection wizard for PLS and DCS components

Simple configuration tables from Weidmüller make it easier for you to choose all the elements you need. The lists are based on the ratio of old to new PLC or DCS card and precicely describe the rack system, the front adapters and the pre-assembled cabels.

Request our white paper on PLC and DCS migration solutions

In our white paper we have composed detailed information about the latest trends and solutions in the field of system migration. Find out what has proven itself in practice and which developments will bring your project forward.

Customised cable assemblies for your control system

Consisting of either standardised or specific connecting lines - we provide you with the optimal solution for every cabling task.


You need more information about PLC interfaces from Weidmüller? We've put together some more information for you, which we're happy to make available for you to download. In our product catalogue you can learn more about the product portfolio of PLC and DCS interfaces. Find out more about retrofitting and replacing control systems in our brochure - just download it!

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