More efficiency by rational processes

The markets of the future demand further optimisation of installation times. To rationalise the crimping processes, increasing automation of the individual steps is required. With the intelligent combination of versatility and functionality, our machines enable efficient processing of conductor materials. Get to know our automatic machines for professional and efficient cable preparation and processing.

Your benefits at a glance

Increased efficiency due to automation

Increased efficiency due to automation

The use of automatic machines for cable assembly shortens processing times and thus contributes to a general increase in panel construction efficiency.

Robustness and superior longevity

Robustness and superior longevity

High-quality metal components make our automatic machines more robust. This extends the maintenance intervals and the entire service life.

Precision and repeatability

Precision and repeatability

Our stripping machines achieve a constant performance, even with different insulation materials. Our cutting machines ensure consistent cutting quality and dimensional accuracy of all processed conductors.

Our automatic machines product range

Wire Processing Center (WPC) Product innovation

Cable assembly with the highest efficiency: The WPC combines proven components into a modular assembly system consisting of cable processing machines and industrial printers.

Wire Processing Center (WPC)
  • Multiple input options for CAE data
  • Optimal processing of a wide variety of finishing tasks
  • Optimal integration into manufacturing processes
  • Reliable replenishment with wire end ferrules and markers
  • Optimal process reliability

Stripping and crimping machines

Our new generation of stripping and crimping machines is equipped with an all-purpose adjustable stripping unit and a user-friendly touchscreen display. They succeed with fast operation, extended maintenance intervals, and long service life.

Stripping and crimping machines
  • More efficient due to fewer work steps
  • Stripping and crimping of conductors in a single step
  • Quick adjustment to the required cross-section range
  • Electric/pneumatic drive and full electronic control
  • Change of tools not necessary, hence time-saving and efficient processing

Cutting machines

Under microprocessor control, our automatic cutters - depending on the model - lengthen and cut solid and stranded wires, individual cables, flat cables, round cables, as well as insulating tubes and hoses - with precise operation and ease of use.

Cutting machines
  • Excellent repeat accuracy
  • Controllable contact pressure on the drive rollers
  • Electric drive
  • Cutting orders can be managed by PC
  • Removable hand-held operator device for entering the individual cutting orders

Stripping machines

Our electrically-operated automatic strippers enable precision stripping of conductors with different types of insulation. The automatic adjustment to the respective wire cross-section and simple operation offer a high degree of user-friendliness.

Stripping machines
  • Fast and efficient automatic stripping of individual wires
  • Designed for various wire cross-sections (PS 6.0: 0.5 to 6 mm²; PS 16.0: 2.5 to 16 mm²)
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the wire cross-sections - no requirement to change tools
  • Continuous adjustment of the stripping and insulation pull-off length of between 3 and 20 mm
  • Partial stripping function

Crimpfix R Vario

Revolutionising simplicity and redefining flexibility

The CRIMPFIX R VARIO offers you a high level of flexibility during the processing of wire-end ferrules. The electropneumatic stripping and crimping machine is characterised by quick processing times and simple handling between various cross-sections.

  • Cross-section selection via one-touch display
  • UL-certified connections - achievable in combination with Weidmüller wire end ferrules
  • Five-slot magazine for mounting all cross-sections
  • Tool-free change of crimp length settings
Handling videos machines

Handling videos machines

Via this YouTube Playlist you can find many handling videos to learn more about the function of our high-quality machines.

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Orange Selection

Orange Selection

Products of the Orange Selection are available at any time. If your order is received by 3 p.m., your items will already be on their way the following day.

Time-saving data provision

Time-saving data provision

CAD 3D models in various formats and CAE data are available for download in our product catalogue.

Electronic product data for distribution partner

Electronic product data for distribution partner

Electronic catalogue in BMECat and other formats. Fast access to article data thanks to proven standards.


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