Implement your own individual energy management system with our integrated expertise from a single source

Energy management is a triad of recording all relevant energy consumption data, analysing the information obtained, and comprehensive consulting on possible saving potential. We at Weidmüller see the development of an energy management system as a holistic task which combines expert advice with intelligent hardware and software solutions to form a strong unit which is modular in design and therefore tailored to your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance

Increased efficiency through status recording

Increased efficiency through status recording

Plannable service activities and display of the current electrical measured values of the motor.

Increase energy efficiency

Increase energy efficiency

Continuous and reliable monitoring of all relevant energy/process data Maximum flexibility thanks to independent and open data acquisition

Maximisation of plant availability

Maximisation of plant availability

Detect residual currents and eliminate insulation faults in good time by using an appropriate protective concept. Combining energy monitoring, residual current monitoring, power quality in one device.

Product range : Hardware

u-sense Sensors

Data acquisition for the Industrial IoT. Monitor industrial plants easily with Industrial IoT sensors.

Energy Meters

We offer two classes of energy meters for optimal use for your applications. BasicLine with core functions and the ValueLine with extended functions incl. application-specific software.

Energy Analysers

Receive holistic quality analyses of your electrical supply networks. The quality of the electrical network is an important parameter for the effectiveness and availability of your industrial plants or production facilities.

Energy Logger

Measuring devices with a simple SO interface are widespread. But they cannot transfer measured values directly into the internal network. Therefore, a gateway is required for each measuring device: the energy logger.

Plug&Play Boxes

Our Plug&Play boxes are a retrofit solution to integrate existing machines into your energy management.


Our EM-Connectivity-Box offers excellent efficiency in a single enclosure. It is a perfect combination of established products from the Weidmüller range.

Current transformer

Current transformers are used whenever currents cannot bemeasured directly. They are a special form of transformer that transforms the primary current into a (usually) smaller.

Product range : Software

Eco Explorer Go - for free

Our solution to conveniently record and clearly display your measurement data. The visualisation of energy consumers is a central principle to make production sites more efficient.

ResMa - energy management

Use u-create ResMa as your universal tool for recording and monitoring of energy flows. u-create ResMa is not only a comprehensive software solution for energy management, but also integrates with existing automation technology, control technology, and building automation.

PROCON-WEB - visualisation

Scalable and platform-independent visualisation software

Perfect supplements

Video: How to generate automated reports for energy consumption

Video: How to generate automated reports for energy consumption

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Michael Piekarzewitz, Head of Energy Management Solutions, explains how energy savings can be realized with the Energy IoT Box

Benefit from Weidmüller services and market experience

Time-saving data provision

Time-saving data provision

CAD 3D models in various formats and CAE data are available for download in our product catalogue .

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

Electronic catalogue in BMECat format and other formats. Fast access to article data thanks to proven standards.

Market & industry experience

Market & industry experience

We speak the language of our customers. With expertise and passion for the automotive and transmission & distribution industry.Automotive robotics - optimising the value chainEnergy transmission and distribution - Smart and efficient

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