Industrial 5G

Industrial 5G for a reliable wireless network

Industrial 5G

Ready for a reliable Industrial 5G wireless connection?

Industrial 5G offers the reliability, flexibility and mobility for industrial sectors. Thanks to its long range, Industrial 5G can access hard-to-reach locations in harsh industrial environments. Furthermore, no interfering radio technologies use the same licensed spectrum, which ensures the exclusivity of Industrial 5G. For moving targets such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), seamless handover between base stations is an advantage.

Industrial 5G Benefits



Less downtime and troubleshooting

Seamless handover

Seamless handover

Uninterrupted switching between base stations

Range of coverage

Range of coverage

Wide spatial radio coverage

Quality of Services

Quality of Services

Guaranteed latencies & prioritised traffic

Exclusive frequency use

Exclusive frequency use

Private campus networks

Solution approaches for Industrial 5G

Controlling automated guided vehicles (AGVs) without interruption via 5G

Industrial 5G enables seamless handover in automated guided vehicles, allowing uninterrupted switching between base stations. Your reliable alternative to Wi-Fi.

Wireless network in the factory

The exclusive use of frequencies by Industrial 5G ensures guaranteed latencies and prioritised data traffic through Quality of Services. Industrial 5G technology increases availability in your factory, boosting productivity and reducing downtime.

Simple network design & maintenance

Industrial 5G offers wide spatial radio coverage in your smart factory. Greater coverage with fewer base stations and a more efficient network design reduce the costs of ownership. Industrial 5G is simpler than Wi-Fi.

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Network Vendors

Weidmüller partners with any Industrial 5G network vendor such as MECSware. Thereby, MECSware provides convient private 5G network solutions.


Weidmüller is a founding member of the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA). Over 100 partners from different industries worldwide are represented on one platform and together define Industrial 5G technology.

Working Group Wireless Communications for Machines

VDMA Wireless Communications for Machines is the network platform for the integration and application of wireless communication systems in machines, plants and production systems. Weidmüller is a founding member - Learn more about user-centred projects.

Further Industrial 5G research projects

Weidmüller is an active member in numerous research projects, for example 5G4Automation , 5Guarantee , 5G4Me , 5G4Industry , 5GTango .

Weidmüller is a pioneer in connection technology and in our 5G projects we follow our philosophy and help shape the future of tomorrow.

Weidmüller potentials for data processing with Industrial 5G

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