Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process by up to 80 %

According to the study “Panel building 4.0“ by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units of the University of Stuttgart in classic panel building, 72 % of the working time in the installation phase is required for wiring and mechanical assembly.

The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) addresses exactly these issues. The software-controlled, semi-automated cable assembly accelerates the production process considerably and at the same time ensures the highest quality standards.

The benefits at a glance

Time saving

Time saving

The use of automatic machines decreases processing times and thus contributes to a general increase in manufacturing process efficiency.

High flexibility

High flexibility

In the system approach, individual components of the WPC can be removed from the process sequence or they can be used in their individual functions in stand-alone mode.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Consistently high quality through the use of semi-automated machines.

Modular extensions for the Wire Processing Center

Integration of several machines

Depending on the application, different machines and printers can be selected in the WPC – e.g. one or more CUTFIX PRO, CUTFIX PRO FEEDER, CRIMPFIX R VARIO, CA 100 DUO, or THM MultiMark.

Software-driven one-piece-flow processing of jobs

The WPC software guides the user safely through the the finishing process. The software controls all connected devices and visualises all process step.

Cable feeding wagon

The mobile cable feeding wagon is the ideal complement for the WPC and safely transports up to 12 different conductors to the cutting machine.

Bundling module for finished conductors

The compact bundling module gives the worker the option to easily bundle the finished conductors in a certain order for the subsequent wiring step.

Weidmüller receives the Cabinet Building Innovation Award

A jury of experts awards the Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC)

This year, Weidmüller even received the award twice. Together with Zoller & Fröhlich, Weidmüller received an award for its Wire Processing Center (WPC) that is used for semi-automated cable assembly and marking. The most time-consuming activities in cabinet building are still cable assembly, wiring and marking. The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) offers an ideal solution for the semi-automation and increases efficiency in cable assembly by up to 80 %. The WPC consists of an automatic cutting machine, an automatic stripping and crimping machine and a thermal transfer printer.

Comparison of solutions for cable assembly

The market offers panel builders a wide array of solutions for cable assembly ranging from manual to fully automated. Participants in the study “Panel building 4.0“ see the highest potential for improvement and savings in the installation phase in solutions aimed at standardisation and the preassembly of cables.

Weidmüllers Wire Processing Center ticks all these boxes and more. For a medium sized investment panel builders received a semi-automated solution with a modular concept. It can be easily integrated into existing manufaturing processes, while providing maximum flexibility. Additionally panel builders profit from reduced time expenditure and receive excellent quality results.

Wire Processing Center

The flexible all-rounder with a wide variety of possible applications for use

The Wire Processing Center (WPC) combines the highest quality standards and efficiency gains with low cost and time expenditure. Software-controlled, semi-automated cable assembly speeds up the production process significantly and guarantees the highest quality require-ments. Consistent data consistency, including consistency checks in the WPC tool, automated processing in the one-piece flow concept on the WPC itself, as well as outstanding flexibility through the use of all individual devices in stand-alone mode are the basis for efficiency gains.

  • Excellent quality
  • High flexibility
  • Effciency time savings
  • Multiple feeding unit

WPC tool

Planning software with integrated consistency check

The planning software WPC tool is the link between data planning and processing in production. The eCAD data can be imported into the WPC tool in different ways. In addition to manual entry, the data can also be read directly from Eplan, Zuken E3 or WSCAD. There is also the option to transfer the CSV files (also generated from other eCAD programs) to the planning software. Weidmüller provides a suitable template with a corresponding arrangement of the individual parameters. This can also be used to process data from existing Excel files. Before the data is transferred to the WPC (via the network or a USB stick), a consistency check is carried out which checks all core parameters, such as cable length, wire end processing, number and labelling data, for completeness. This ensures reliable processing of the cable jobs on the WPC.

Handling Wire Processing Center

Handling Wire Processing Center

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Get to know our new product, the Wire Processing Center. In addition to the product characteristics you will learn more about the handling of the WPC and the accessories.

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Consulting & Support

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