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Future-proof solutions for elevators and escalators

Increasing urban mobility constantly requires new solutions in elevator and escalator technology. Reliable and energy-efficient machine operation thanks to precise, consistent data availability and analysis are key factors in your success when implementing passenger conveyance with no waiting times. With its many years of experience, Weidmüller acts as a partner and provides active support when it comes to the development of innovative monitoring and industrial analytics concepts. To ensure and keep up with urban mobility - today, as well as tomorrow.

As an experienced partner for Elevator & Escalator industry, our customers can be sure of:

We speak your language

We speak your language

We know how to fulfil your demands with our industry expertise, comprehensive product portfolio, and application-specific solutions

Solutions beyond controls

Solutions beyond controls

We offer tailored solutions and services around IIoT, Cloud Connectivity, Industrial Analytics and guarantee the highest-level of data security

Certified according to global market requirements

Certified according to global market requirements

We develop our products according to the latest industry standards (e.g. EN 81-20/50) and provide CE/UL/CCC approvals for global usage

A reliable partner

A reliable partner

For decades, leading global players depended on Weidmüller‘s reliable connectivity and electronic products

We are where our customers are

We are where our customers are

With our global footprint we follow our customers, from technical support to on-site delivery and service

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion


Your equipment takes elevators right to the top, and our products and solutions ensure a smooth operation. If you need energy-efficient power supplies for your main control or door control, we offer devices with low standby power to make your elevator greener. If you need flexible connection technology for your electronic equipment, we offer a wide range of terminals and connectors. And with FieldPower® Elevator you can increase your efficiency in shaft wiring in a smart way.


Whenever you need to equip your cabinets with reliable connectivity products, we are the right partner to provide data, signal, and power; from bottom to top, machine room or satellite cabinets. Pre-assembled patch-cords cables help to quickly connect the sensors, while our best in class u-remote I/O system collects and transmits the data through an IoT gateway to a cloud based service platform. Predictive Maintenance as data-driven service brings measurable added value to the contractors and end-users.

Product highlights for Elevator & Escalator

Single Pair Ethernet

The network infrastructure for the Industrial IoT

The increasing level of digitalisation of industrial plants calls for the further development of existing Ethernet cabling. For sensors and local, modular control units in particular, conventional cabling concepts are no longer able to meet the new demands with regard to space requirements and installation effort.

Weidmüller and partners from the field of electrical connectivity all rely on the innovative Single Pair Ethernet technology when developing new industry standards.

FieldPower® Elevator

FieldPower® Elevator

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Increased efficiency in elevator shaft wiring

The installation of electrical components in the elevator hoistway has remained a laborious and time-consuming task. Weidmüller has developed a smart solution to connect a flat cable per floor, providing power, signals and data. The solution consists of the FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring box and an 11-pole flat cable. Up to two safety chains per floor can be realised by easily interrupting both outer wires. Increase efficiency and reliability while decreasing installation time and material complexity with the FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring solution: FieldPower® Elevator.

FreeCon Contactless

Maintenance-free and up to 24 V/240 W, with high power density and maximum efficiency

FreeCon Contactless, with compact dimensions and maximum efficiency, enables reliable and contactless transmission of up to 240 W of power. Think about a future without traveller cables! Data transmission with 5G network in the shaft and contactless power transmission on floor level to load a battery in the car.

More products for Elevator & Escalator

PRO-E switch-mode power unit

You need energy-efficient switched-mode power supplies for your main control or door control? We offer wall-mounted single-phase power supplies with low standby power. With “PRO-E” Weidmüller offers a reliable, very flat, single-phase switched-mode power unit for wall mounting in industrial machine building, plant manufacture, and building automation.

3-Phase Monitor Relay

You need a module to monitor the status of the phases in a 3-phase power system? We have the 3-phase Monitor Relay to detect phase loss and sequence failures. The EPAK product family offers you a wide range of functionality to cover your application driven requirements.

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Your equipment takes elevators right to the top. Our connection system ensures smooth operations. Product search based on your application field.
Whether used in private or industrial environments – elevators and escalators simplify the task of transporting people and goods In the elevator industry, standardisation and modularisation already play a vital role in manufacturing, but the issue of safety and energy efficiency are also becoming increasingly important.