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Automation & Software

Innovations Engineering and visualisation tools

Machine Data Connector – Data acquisition from various control systems

Simple data acquisition, pre-processing and communication

Our Machine Data Connector enables the acquisition of machine data from a wide variety of control systems. It also allows local pre-processing and the use of machine data in other software systems through connectors and APIs, among other things.

Regression analysis in ResMa - ISO 50006-compliant energy management

Extension for our energy management software

With the regression analysis in our energy and production management software ResMa, dependencies between production data and varying influences can be analysed so that, for example, energy saving potentials can be better evaluated.

Innovations Automated machine learning


edgeML – Easy and flexible ML integration into automation

High flexibility: Deploy hardware- and OS-agnostic ML models

edgeML makes it possible to integrate ML models into automation in a particularly easy and flexible way – regardless of the hardware. And this is completely independent of the hardware. This allows systems or processes to be monitored continuously and efficiently with machine learning.

Innovations Industrial Ethernet

EcoLine Series B: Unmanaged switches with PROFINET Class A conformity

Space-saving and cost-efficient use of switches

Industrial networks need fast and secure data transmission. The EcoLine Series B unmanaged switches were developed for the reliable forwarding of data packets in automation technology and building automation.

PRP/HSR-Module – uninterrupted communication even in the event of a fault

Redundant Ethernet networks without switchover time and packet loss

Our new PRP/HSR-Module enables uninterrupted communication even in the event of a fault. This is an advantage over conventional redundancy protocols, where a temporary interruption of data traffic is unavoidable in the event of a fault.

Innovations Touch Panels

u-view Advanced – robust and powerful web terminals

Effective factory management

The powerful ARM-based touch panels provide web-based access to control and IOT systems. They are available in four different sizes and are equally suitable for convenient visualisation and user-friendly input. The touch panels offer high resolution, brilliant colour reproduction, wide viewing angles, and high brightness. At the same time, they achieve success through high-resolution capacitive touch and gesture control.

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