Weidmüller versatile D-series miniature relays

Weidmüller versatile D-series miniature relays

Weidmüller’s latest D-series miniature electromechanical relays include types to suit almost every industrial application. These reliable and cost-effective relays are available with control voltages from 12 V to 230 V and with switching currents up to 30 A, in versions with one to four changeover contacts. Options include integrated LED status indicators and test buttons, and the relays are complemented by accessories that include cross connectors and markers. Plug-in bases for all types are available with push-in or screw connections.

Weidmüller offers six ranges of D-series relays. DRI relays are just 16 mm wide and provide one 10 A changeover contact or two 5 A changeover contacts. For applications where greater switching capacity or more contacts are needed, DRM relays provide two 10 A or four 5 A changeover contacts. DRI and DRM relays can be supplied with integrated protective circuitry and with either a test button that is colour-coded to indicate the control voltage, or an LED status indicator.

For heavy-duty applications, including the switching of inductive loads, Weidmüller offers DRL and DRW relays, which have wear-resistant silver cadmium oxide contacts, robust industrial connector pins and integrated LED indicators as standard. DRL relays are available with one 16 A changeover contact or two, three or four 10 A changeover contacts. DRW relays have either two or three 16 A changeover contacts.

Intended primarily for switching highly inductive DC loads, DRH relays have a built-in magnetic blowout that ensures fast and efficient arc quenching, and feature highly wear-resistant silver tin oxide contacts. They are available with two normally open contacts or one normally open plus one normally closed contact for switching 10 A at up to 50 V DC, but can also be supplied with series-connected contacts to switch DC loads at up to 220 V.

DRR relays are traditional “octal” types and are available in two-pole changeover versions on an eight-pin base and three-pole changeover versions on an 11-pin base. The contacts are rated at 10 A, and the relays have an integral LED status indicator. These relays are ideal for use as replacements in older equipment that uses “octal” type sockets.