Weidmüller Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology

Extension of the A-Series terminal block portfolio with new AS-terminal blocks for conductor cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm2.

Weidmüller Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology

Weidmüller has now extended its comprehensive Klippon® Connect

terminal block range with the new AS-Series with fast, simple and secure SNAP IN technology. The terminal blocks with SNAP IN connection technology are currently the only one of their kind in the world. The innovative AS-Series can be used to wire flexible conductors quickly, easily and with no tools, without the need for wire-end ferrules. The conductors are simply plugged into the connection point and the mechanism makes contact[LS1] with an audible click. The SNAP IN technology guarantees a long-lasting secure and reliable connection – even for the increasingly automated wiring processes of the future. AS-terminal blocks are compatible with the Klippon® Connect A-Series and can therefore be used in many different applications. AS-terminal blocks with the new SNAP IN connection technology once again underscore Weidmüller's pioneering work in industrial connectivity. Weidmüller is an innovator and pioneer, and the company is always reinventing itself. With its new generation of AS-terminal blocks and its entire A-terminal block portfolio, Weidmüller is once again setting the standard in terms of application-specific design and assembly, extremely fast connection technology and cost-effective solution concepts. As inventors of the plastic-insulated terminal block, this is another pioneering solution from the company that will shape panel building for a long time to come and make it more productive. The new SNAP IN technology is the key element delivering these benefits.

SNAP IN technology

SNAP IN connection technology's key attributes are that it is fast – simple – secure.


The SNAP IN connection is a time-saving connection technology. It is one of the fastest connections currently available and enables secure wiring in record time. Even flexible conductors without wire-end ferrules can be connected intuitively and without tools using SNAP IN. The technology can even be used in fully automated wiring processes.


The terminal blocks are delivered with pre-tensioned springs, so that the stripped conductors can be inserted into the contact points easily and securely, without further preparations. The conductor to be connected contacts the contact point with a clearly audible “click”. If the contact point comes loose, this is also visually signalled by an elevated pusher. The conductor can be quickly and easily disconnected and the contact point pre-tensioned for wiring at any time by pressing the pusher.


Once the conductor is inserted correctly and deeply enough into the contact point, the contact point is reliably triggered. Reliable contacting of the conductor guarantees that the wire connection is protected against vibration, gas-tight and stable for the long-term. In addition to the audible “click”, the pusher is elevated to indicate the secure connection. The pre-tensioned contact point technology allows flexible conductors without wire-end ferrules to be plugged in directly, without requiring tools. In short, the system is “ready to wire” and “ready to robot”.

Well equipped for the future

Increasing automation in panel building is posing new requirements for future terminal blocks. Weidmüller supports its customers in their development and has already equipped the new AS-Series with an optimised design for this purpose that is well-suited for robotic-supported installation - ready-to-robot. Automatic assembling is used, as with the standard A-Series. The new terminal blocks are compatible with Klippon® Connect A-Series terminal blocks. The open contact point used in the AS-Series – which is “ready to wire” – also allows for robotic-supported, direct wiring. Users can take advantage of the standard accessories and marking system of the A-Series. The option of automatic marking, for instance with the Klippon® Connect RailLaser, is available. With the new AS-terminal block series, users are well equipped for the future.

AS-Series: Portfolio overview

When developing the AS-Series, Weidmüller focused on a conductor cross-section range of ≤ 2,5 mm2. The highest number of connections are in this range, allowing full utilisation of the advantages of the SNAP IN technology in wiring. Robotic-supported wiring can also be utilised in this range. Currently, the AS-Series includes: - Two-pole through and PE terminals: AS2C 2.5 / AS2C 2.5 PE in the dimensions: 5.1 x 59 x 38 mm (width / height / depth). - Three-pole through and PE terminals: AS3C 2.5 / AS3C 2.5 PE in the dimensions: 5.1 x 71.5 x 38 mm (width / height / depth). - Four-pole through and PE terminals: AS4C 2.5 / AS4C 2.5 PE in the dimensions: 5.1 x 84 x 38 mm (width / height / depth). The SNAP IN contact of the terminals is designed for a max. clamping range of 0.5 to 2.5 mm2. Further parameters include: a rated voltage of 800 V and rated current of 24 A. The terminal blocks are snapped onto the TS 35 terminal rail.

Weidmüller terminal blocks: Pioneering solutions in series production

As a pioneer in industrial connectivity, Weidmüller has repeatedly made industrial history with its innovations. This began in 1948 with the first plastic-insulated terminal block, which set standards worldwide. With 73 years of experience in industrial connectivity and billions of connections made, Weidmüller terminal blocks are among the safest and most powerful on the market. [LS1]Contacted?