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Combine speed with sensitivity. Our professional stripping tools make your work easier than ever before. No matter whether you want to process small or large conductor cross-sections: You will always achieve a perfect result. This is because our stripping tools are suitable for different insulations and conductor cross-sections – and because you will find exactly the tool that suits your requirements in our large range.

The benefits at a glance

Super versatile

Super versatile

In our range you will find the perfect stripping tool for every conductor and every cross-section. No matter whether for NYM cables, coaxial cables, or halogen-free conductors.

Truly ergonomic

Truly ergonomic

Our stripping tools fit perfectly in the hand. They are easy to operate and can be individually adjusted to the user by removing the handle cover. This makes work pleasant.

Robust design

Robust design

We have high quality standards. That is why our stripping tools are traditionally among the best on the market. They are extremely robust, last for many years, and are loyal companions in tough everyday use.

Strip the insulation properly

“Stripping” means the cutting and removal of the insulation. The following must be ensured in performing this task: the stripping dimension must be observed and neither the conductor nor the remaining insulation must be damaged. To avoid mistakes, use a stripping tool matched to the insulation and cross-section of the conductor.

The use of cable cutters (work-knives, penknives) is not recommended because the quality of the stripping then depends on the skill of the user. The quality is not consistent, even when the user is highly skilled.

Special types of insulation such as Teflon, silicone and Kapton require special stripping tools. These employ a shaped blade to strip the insulation.

After cutting the conductor, it is prepared for crimping. First, a predetermined length of insulation is removed without damaging the conductor. The subsequent contact point or the wire-end ferrule to be processed determines how much of the conductor insulation needs to be removed. Care must also be taken here to make sure that the cable is stripped to a high quality standard. Stripping errors that must be avoided are listed in DIN IEC 60352-2.

Product news

multi-stripax® – PV conductor stripping tool

Stripping PV conductors up to 10 mm²

multi-stripax® PV

The multi-stripax® PV enables precise conductor processing in the photovoltaic industry. With great stability and interchangeable stripping units, it offers specific solutions. Moulding blades, guide plates and clamping jaws ensure perfect results. The tool makes it possible to effortlessly remove insulation up to 10 mm².

  • Precise stripping of PV conductors from 4 mm² to 10 mm²
  • High stability for a long service life and reliability
  • High repeat accuracy of the stripping result
  • Stripping results reproduced accurately over and over again

Stripping PV conductors up to 10 mm²

The multi-stripax® makes the difference. The cross-section of a PV conductor affects the PV system output. The 10 mm² PV conductor is becoming more important, as the largest possible conductor cross-section is essential to minimise power loss.

Robust, long-living, reliable

The special shaped blades guarantee precise stripping. Guide plates facilitate conductor positioning and protect against cable damage. High stability ensures reliable long-life use. multi-stripax® - a universal problem solver.

Interchangeable stripping units

Due to the interchangeable blades of the multi-stripax®, different types of insulation can be stripped precisely to meet specific insulation requirements.

Product range

Perfect complementation

Make better work the rule – with our stripping tools

Stripping tools and accessories

For fast and precise removal of insulation – even from fine-stranded conductors, suitable for every application. 

Sheathing strippers and accessories

For easy and reliable removal of even unruly sheaths, suitable for every application.

Handling videos for our stripping tools

Handling videos for our stripping tools

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