Weidmüller launches compact terminals for power applications

Weidmüller launches compact terminals for power applications

From just 20 mm wide and featuring time-saving push-in connection technology, the A2C 50/70 & A2C 95/120 feed-through terminals from Weidmüller are an ideal choice for use with high-current cables in modern control panels where space is always at a premium. The terminals are rated 150 A and 232A respectively at up to 1000 V AC (1500 V DC) and can accommodate flexible or solid conductors up to 120 mm2.

The innovative PUSH IN-Power connection system significantly reduces wiring time for all conductor types and can be used with or without wire-end ferrules. Furthermore, the mechanism uses multiple compression springs to generate high clamping forces which ensure that the connections are secure, gastight and resistant to vibration.

The terminals incorporate standard 2 mm test points, and they have provision for plug-in cross connectors, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the construction of terminal assemblies. Also available are auxiliary connection blocks that can be quickly added to existing terminal assemblies when additional connection points are needed, either to accommodate equipment modifications, or to provide temporary power feeds during maintenance work and breakdowns.

Weidmüller A2C 50/70 & A2C 95/120 terminals are available in direct- and rail-mounting versions. All types can be supplied as individual components or as time-saving assemblies of three, four or five terminals. These are designed for connecting: three live conductors, three live conductors plus a neutral, three live conductors plus a neutral and protective earth.

In addition to the auxiliary connection blocks, accessories include cross connectors, large easily visible marker tags, and live circuit warning tags that also enhance safety, providing additional protection by preventing direct access to the operating lever.