Weidmüller AAP terminals for compact distribution

Weidmüller AAP terminals for compact distribution

Terminals in the Klippon® AAP11 and AAP12 ranges from Weidmüller provide a compact, convenient and cost-effective solution in applications where it is necessary to provide power distribution to multiple loads. Unlike most other distribution terminals, the products combine the input feed connection with the load connections in a single slim terminal, saving valuable space in control panels and terminal boxes.

The terminals are available in two configurations, a version with a 6 mm2 input feed connection plus six 1.5 mm2 load connections and a version with a 10 mm2 input feed connection plus four 2.5 mm2 load connections. Both versions are also available as green/yellow PE earth connections. As well as the input and load connections, AAP11 and AAP12 terminals incorporate provision for two rows of plug-in cross connectors, which make it easy to group power feeds without the need for time-consuming wiring. An added benefit is that they also simplify the task of extending terminal assemblies, should the need arise.

All of the terminals in the range use Weidmüller’s push-in connector technology, which is equally suitable for use with or without wire-end ferrules. This makes them fast and easy to wire, as well as ensuring reliable vibration-proof connections.

The terminals are suitable for use at up to 800 V and are available in standard beige bodies, as well as in, blue green/yellow versions for earth connections. They are available with blue, red or orange colour-coded pushers to aid circuit differentiation, and all are supported by an extensive range of marking and labelling accessories.

Distribution terminals that match the products but have no feed-in connections are also included in the Weidmüller range. These have the same cross-connection facilities as the AAP11 and AAP12 terminals and can be used alongside them to produce compact power distribution terminal assemblies with almost any number of load connections.