A celebration for pioneers

A reason to celebrate: at the Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold, Weidmüller employees celebrated receiving the “German Innovation Award” once again.

Weidmüller celebrates receiving the “German Innovation Award” once again at the Hermannsdenkmal

There's much to celebrate at Weidmüller: the Detmold-based electrical engineering company recently received the “German Innovation Award 2022” for its new SNAP IN connection system. This is already the fourth award of this kind within just one and a half years. To mark this joyous occasion appropriately, all the employees involved recently met for an exuberant celebration at the Hermannsdenkmal: a communal experience that showcased the unique pioneering spirit within the company.

Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology.

Weidmüller has a long tradition of pioneering achievements. This began as early as 1948 with the first plastic-insulated terminal block. The Detmold-based electrical engineering company is currently revolutionising the market with a new type of connection system. The SNAP IN connection makes wiring processes faster than ever. Stripped conductors are simply plugged into the contact point, and a clearly audible “click” signals secure contact. The reverse process is just as fast: briefly pressing the pusher releases the connection and the contact point is pre-tensioned for the next contact. With the SNAP IN connection, users can significantly simplify and accelerate their wiring processes. This makes installation and maintenance work much more efficient.

Sybille Hilker, Executive Vice President Global Marketing & Corporate Communication at Weidmüller, and Dr Sebastian Durst, Executive Vice President Cabinet Products Division at Weidmüller, received the German Innovation Award at the award ceremony in Berlin.

The simple principle convinces the jury

The clear advantages of the SNAP IN technology also convinced the German Design Council. The independent jury, with representatives from business, design and science, has been acting as the world's leading competence centre for communication and knowledge transfer in the areas of design, brand and innovation since 1953. With the “German Innovation Award”, the council honours products and solutions every year across all industries that stand out primarily due to their user-friendliness and added value compared to previous solutions – such as Weidmüller's SNAP IN technology.

All employees involved met for the ceremony at the Detmold landmark.

A reason to celebrate – for everyone involved

On the occasion of winning the German Innovation Award, the employees were invited to a celebration at the Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold. The celebration at this historic location was the company's way of thanking all those involved who had demonstrated a true pioneering spirit in the product development of the new SNAP IN connection system.