Coronavirus Update

As a precautionary measure considering developments in the spread of Coronavirus, it has been decided to close the Weidmuller Ltd UK offices until further notice, in line with the UK Government and Public Health self-isolation and social distancing guidelines.

Coronavirus Update

Details and more information

Details and more information

Since our last update you will obviously be aware of the recent government communications regarding a careful and slow release of the lockdown. One of the primary points was that if we can continue to work from home we should follow that path. This means that our offices will remain closed until such time as, led by government and health expert guidance, we feel it is safe and prudent to consider a form of staged return to normality. We are already well along the way of that planning process, having already procured suitable safety equipment for our employees and having considered how we can safely run site and external operations. Deliveries from our GDC in Dortmund are continuing to run and commercial freight is continuing to leave Germany although we are aware of additional border checks which may add one or two days to final delivery dates. We would also request that if you have previously decided to close your warehouse receiving operation and you have a direct trading account with Weidmuller that you inform our customer service department immediately, if you have not already done so, so that they can make any necessary adjustments to your open order book. If you are reopening your operations, please also get in touch so we can ensure that any orders and deliveries are released for shipment. As mentioned in our previous communications, our robustly managed systems mean that our office-based staff can work from home and fulfil their complete functions in a predominately uninterrupted manner using laptops and secure connections. Our IT systems are fully backed up and managed/supported through our extensive IT infrastructure. Installed software enabling remote operation of the phone system on individual laptops for our service and technical teams means that they can operate using both their DDI phone extensions and the 0845 hunt group numbers. They can also remotely access voicemail. This forms part of our standard Business Continuity Plan. You can email or call our personnel for

Price and Delivery, expediting, order queries, general service issues for standard catalogue products

Telephone 0845 094 2006

Telephone DDI numbers

0116 282 1223
0116 282 1224
0116 282 1274
0116 282 1278
0116 282 1222

If you are selecting a DDI number, please randomly select from the list above as this will avoid overloading the first extension on the list.

The main switchboard number 0116 282 3470 is also now routed to our customer service team.

Technical questions regarding our products

Telephone 0845 094 2007

Telephone DDI numbers

0116 282 1233
0116 282 1234

Enquiries about rail assemblies, populated enclosures for industrial or hazardous area use

Telephone DDI numbers

0116 282 1226
0116 282 1282

Queries or questions about ship and debit arrangements

Credit control queries

Our staff will be on hand during normal working hours, Monday to Thursday 0830-1700, Friday 0830-1630 to help you with your query. You can also contact your sales representative by mobile phone or E-Mail in the usual way and we are also able to arrange and hold Skype calls if your systems support that communication medium. Please note that whilst essential customer facing services such as Customer Service, Technical and Solutions will be managed via remote telephone system access, other DDI numbers that you may have on file may be diverted or will be set to DND. Therefore, during the shutdown period, you may experience delays in telephone response. We will do our best at all times to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

By far and away the best way to contact us will be via email, where multiple people will be monitoring the various inboxes.

If you have a direct trading account you can place orders in the normal way, via EDI, via our Eshop or via email, however we would encourage all our customers to make use of our new Eshop platform where you can place orders, see price and delivery information and check order history. If you are not already registered for Eshop usage and you do have a direct trading account with us, and would like to take advantage of this service, please contact our customer services team who can get you set up. As always, we very much value your business and assure you of our best intentions, and as mentioned we will continue to keep you updated as events unfold.