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Three families of switched-mode power supply units tailored to your needs

PROeco – “the economical options”; PROmax – “the powerhouses” and PRO-H – “the specialists”.


Power supply concepts from Weidmüller include the families of switched-mode power supplies – PROeco, PROmax, and PRO-H –as well as uninterruptible power supplies, DC/DC converters, electronic fusing and expansion modules.


The PROmax family serves to address challenging tasks in sophisticated mechanical and plant engineering. The economic and compact PROeco switched-mode power supply units offer a reliable and efficient power supply with all of the basic functions. For more demanding tasks, such as those in the process industry and power stations, the PRO-H family, which stands for particularly high reliability, comes into use with a MTBF (mean time between failures) of up to 1.8 million hours. Thanks to its modular structure, the power supply concept provides users with power supply solutions covering various reliability levels – right down to the last detail of the respective application.


PROeco – “the economical options”

PROeco family switched-mode power supply units are the first choice for use in field cabinets, flat distributor boxes or compact series machines. With their compact design and depth of just 100 mm, they are able to fit very precisely into the smallest cabinet. They are equipped with all basic functions and excel by virtue of their high efficiency and service-friendliness. Thanks to their temperature, short-circuit and overload protection, they can be used in almost all applications. At up to 93%, their efficiency makes them far superior to comparable power supplies in this class. The reduced heat generation in turn facilitates their use in small cabinets and housings.


PROmax – “the powerhouses”

The PROmax switched-mode power supply units, designed for high performance and durability are especially well suited for demanding applications in mechanical and plant engineering, light process applications and marine engineering. Derating starts at 60°C and continuous overloading up to 20% is easily tolerated up to 45°C. The switched-mode power supply units react particularly dynamically to short-term peak loads of 300% and start-up temperatures down to -40°C. Thanks to its AC input voltage range of up to 277 volts for single-phase devices and SEMI F47 testing, PROmax is particularly robust. In addition, the primary-side input is assigned to overvoltage protection class III.


PRO-H – “the specialists”

Switched-mode power supply units from the PRO-H family withstand the most extreme conditions. They are suitable for special applications in power stations, as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. ATEX and C1D2 approvals allow for use in explosive risk zones and in the high-performance range. On account of their high power reserve, wide temperature range and high MTBF (mean time between failures) of up to 1,800,000 hours, the switched-mode power supplies are ideal for mechanical and plant engineering, the process industry and energy technology. Problems in network environments are overcome with a high mains-failure bridging time: the PRO-H family bridges mains failures > 20 ms at 115 V AC / 230 V AC.


Demand-based power supply solutions

With our precisely matched power supply components, we ensure the reliability of machines and plants and avoids expensive downtimes. Innovative power supply components include switched-mode power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies, electronic fusing and DC/DC converters. Extension modules round off the extensive range of safe and reliable power supply solutions. For uninterruptible power supplies, we offer UPS devices, buffer modules and batteries for bridging intervals from a few ms up to several hours. The diode and redundancy modules connect two power supplies in order to respond to an elevated power requirement or to compensate for the failure of a device. The capacity module offers energy reserves, for example to cover a short-term energy requirement when a motor starts up. In addition, a capacity module can provide sufficient energy to selectively trigger circuit breakers in the event of a short-circuit. A DC/DC converter electrically isolates a power supply, thus avoiding voltage losses or ground loops, for instance.