SMD product advantages

Flexible device design with fully automatic SMD assembly
OMNIMATE components combine connection efficiency with design freedom


As a leading supplier and pioneer of device connection technology, Weidmüller offers the broadest range of products that is available for the SMT process. Our connection elements are handled fully automatically together with the component assembly in a single manufacturing process, which reduces your manufacturing costs. In addition, we assist you throughout the design-in process with products, in-depth knowledge of applications and proven solutions expertise.


Reliable processing

To maximise dimensional stability and ensure accurate grid alignment, we make our SMD components from the high-performance plastic LCP. This material offers high dimensional stability and excellent solder heat resistance. Our SMD connection system thus ensures a reliable, smooth SMD process. With their low moisture sensitivity level (MSL 1), you can process our components without pre drying.Their low thermal expansion coefficient also prevents an assembly from being deflected during the soldering process, thus speeding up your fully automated assembly process.

Stable solder joint

Our LSF-SMD PCB terminals guarantee a secure hold on the circuit board thanks to the use of two solder pads per pole – even without additional mounting flanges. Holding forces per pin of over 150 N in an axial direction withstand even heavy loading. Simulated endurance tests confirm the high vibration and shock resistance of our products according to IEC 61373/10.2011, assuring you of a smooth and maintenance-free SMT process over the long term. Even secure integration on composite boards made of glass, ceramics or aluminium is unproblematic.

Efficient assembly

Our components with pick-and-place pads and suction surfaces support secure mounting and precise placement in fully automated assembly. With their light weight, our SMD-optimised PCB terminals also maximise assembly performance. You benefit from simple integration of the connection elements in the assembly process with tape-on-reel packaging in standard conveyor widths. They are designed for automation and contain a very high number of components per roll. This reduces your setup costs in automated SMD processes.

Product overview