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 Klippon® Connect



Achieving your suitable product solution in just a few steps


Klippon® Connect Signal Wiring for high-density signalling levels


Efficient integration of device connectivity in the SMT process


Safe interaction between man and machine

Our Product Selectors and Configurators are valuable tools that will help you find the right technology solutions for your applications.

Using PUSH-IN technology for maximum time saving, as well as guaranteeing vibration-resistant and gas-tight connections. 

As device connection technology pioneers, we impress with intelligent product details

Fully designed with safety in mind, u-remote enables the design and implementation of safety concepts of any size



Integrated signal connection


PUSH IN Technology. The smart device connection


Contactless power transmission


Klippon® Connect terminal blocks

u-remote allows for an integrated signal connection in IP20 and IP67 within a single I/O system.

Our PUSH IN connection is simple, secure and can be used in multiple applications.

FreeCon Contactless allows power to be transmitted via an air gap by means of an inductive resonance coupling

Extra efficiency in planning, installation and operation.
Klippon® Connect provides you with added value at all stages