Weidmüller UK

Weidmüller Ltd.,

Klippon House, 

Centurion Court Office Park, Meridian East,

Meridian Business Park,

Leicester, LE19 1TP.

+44 (0)1162 823470

+44 (0)1162 893582


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of our frequently asked questions.


1) Does Weidmuller apply carriage charges?


Standard 48 or 72 hour services are free of charge, providing all minimum order values are met. Typical carriage charges are below, but can be confirmed by contacting Customer Services on 0845 094 2006 or sales@weidmuller.co.uk.


Overnight for under 5kg - £35.00.

Standard 48 hour service direct to site - £18.00.


2) What are the opening times?


The office is open Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 5pm and Fridays 8.30am to 4.30pm.        


3) What time must an order be placed for special next day delivery?


For next day delivery requests all orders must be placed by 12:30PM at the very latest.


4) What does mov and moq mean?


MOV is minimum order value and MOQ is minimum order quantity.


5) Does Weidmuller have a minimum order value?


For distributors we do have a minimum order value, all manual orders carry a minimum order value of £500 nett,

while orders made through E-Shop carry a minimum of £200 nett.


6) Do I need to have a direct account to order from you?


Yes you do but we do have a list of recommended distributors if you do not have a direct account.


7) Can I pay by credit card?


We do not have this facility but our recommended distributors do. For more information on our distributors please click here


8) Where is the stock held UK or Germany?


All stock is held in Germany.


9) Do you have any shutdown periods?


We do not have any shutdown periods except for the week between Christmas and New Year. We are also affected by German Bank holidays which can cause delays with deliveries a full list of the Bank holidays is available on our website. Click here for more information.


10) What are the MultiCard marker pack sizes? 


MultiCard markers, such as DEK, SF, SFC, SM, CC, etc, are supplied on cards for use on Weidmuller printing systems. Each pack has 5 cards. The number of markers per card is dependent on the marker type. Our Installation Catalogue (#7) shows a quantity. This is the quantity of markers per pack. Divide by 5 for the quantity per card.


For example: DEK 5/5 (ref 160980144)

                    Pack quantity = 1000

                    Quantity per card = 200 (1000÷5)


11) Where can I find a copy of your latest price list?


Please click here to visit the price list page where this can be downloaded.


12) Where can I find out if a product has been cancelled?


Please click here to visit our Obsolescence Programme page.

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