Tackle power supply economically 



Connection efficiency meets design freedom



Precision plays a pivotal role in your cable processing



You want to control your systems more efficiently

PROeco bundles all of the basic functions in a compact design
Jürgen Ude, a specialist for SMD technology at Weidmüller, explains the benefits of the expanded range of OMNIMATE LSF-SMD products
No insulation is too much for our stars

We are offering a new dimension of service interfaces




Powerful power supply for machines and systems



Uninterruptible power supplies



ACT20P analogue signal converters



Make your systems

PROmax offers diverse solutions for demanding automation
Bridge network failures of up to 30 hours. With our modules for an uninterruptible power supply
Temperature, pressure, weight or distance: your system’s sensors pass on a wide range of analogue signals. During this process, undesirable transients may occur, causing faults and damaging your controls’ inputs.
With us you have an everlasting power supply
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