New connection density standards



Connection efficiency meets design freedom



A matching solution for every need



You want to make automation easier and more efficient

With the introduction of the new HD connector, u-remote enables 8 individually pluggable sensors or actuators to be installed on just one module
Jürgen Ude, a specialist for SMD technology at Weidmüller, explains the benefits of the expanded range of OMNIMATE LSF-SMD products
Our large selection of professional screwing tools

u-remote maximises your performance




Faster signal wiring taking up less space



Keeping a track on safety



ACT20P analogue signal converters



FieldPower Assembly Video


Our adapters for TERMSERIES relays reduce wiring times thanks to plug-and-play

Our solution package guarantees a stable voltage and data supply for surveillance cameras – thus ensuring a reliable overview in sprawling industrial sites
Temperature, pressure, weight or distance: your system’s sensors pass on a wide range of analogue signals. During this process, undesirable transients may occur, causing faults and damaging your controls’ inputs.
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