New connection density standards



Permanently supplied



Crimping with a spring effect



You want to make automation easier and more efficient

With the introduction of the new HD connector, u-remote enables 8 individually pluggable sensors or actuators to be installed on just one module
Playing it safe, twice over, with redundancy, smooth operation thanks to uninterruptible power supply, and safe bypasses with buffer modules
Is 2.5 mm² really 2.5 mm²? Crimping tools with a spring effect enable reliable compensation of potential size discrepancies between the conductor and the wire-end ferrule

u-remote maximises your performance







Making sure of stable supplies and all-purpose use in restricted spaces



Safe flow of traffic even during thunder and lightning



Customer Magazine WIN!


You want to transmit your data reliably. We provide innovative connection solutions from IP 20 to IP 69K


Check out our wall-mounted, flat single-phase power supplies for use in very restricted spaces in industrial applications


Well-advised using future-proof surge protectors from the VARITECTOR PU series – for long-term reliability of a traffic control system

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