Achieving your suitable product solution in just a few steps


ACT20P Pro DCDC II impresses with extremely simple configuration


Efficient integration of device connectivity in the SMT process


Safe interaction between man and machine

Our Product Selectors and Configurators are valuable tools that will help you find the right technology solutions for your applications.

From machine construction to process and energy technology, the secure isolation and precise conversion of analogue current and voltage signals are counted among the most important conditions for smooth processes.

As device connection technology pioneers, we impress with intelligent product details

Fully designed with safety in mind, u-remote enables the design and implementation of safety concepts of any size



Switched-mode power supply


Weidmüller expands TERMSERIES range


ACT20P analogue signal converters


“WOW” 3-Year Warranty on all Hand Tools

PROeco – “the economical options”; PROmax – “the powerhouses” and PRO-H – “the specialists”.

Our new variants provide a reliable and durable way of switching inductive and capacitive loads. – Greater contact reliability and a longer service life when subjected to industrial loads. – Full 16 A switching capacity, just 12.8 mm wide, and no need to install any additional cross-connections.

Temperature, pressure, weight or distance: your system’s sensors pass on a wide range of analogue signals

Continuing our delivery of practical advantages for optimised work processes

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