Tackle power supply economically 


New connection density standards


Efficient integration of device connectivity in the SMT process


You want to control your systems more efficiently

PROeco bundles all of the basic functions in a compact design

With the HD connector, u-remote enables 8 individually pluggable sensors or actuators to be installed on just one module.

As device connection technology pioneers, we impress with intelligent product details

We are offering a new dimension of service interfaces



Three families of switched-mode power supply units tailored to your needs


Crimping tools and cable lugs for large cross-sections


ACT20P analogue signal converters


With deep sorrow and silent remembrance

PROeco – “the economical options”; PROmax – “the powerhouses” and PRO-H – “the specialists”.

Handle large cable cross-sections easily
Temperature, pressure, weight or distance: your system’s sensors pass on a wide range of analogue signals

Owner-family, Supervisory Board, Executive Board and Employees commemorate deceased Spanish colleagues of flight 4U9525

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